Directorate, Industrial Health and Safety

Chhattisgarh | Industrial Health and Safety

The main objective of the Directorate Industrial Safety and Health is to ensure safety, health, welfare and working conditions of workers working in factories and in construction work by effectively enforcing the provisions of the factories Act, the building & other const. workers Act and other labour legislations. It is also to ensure the Protection of rights of workers and to redress their grievances.


The department supervises and advises in eliminating unsafe condition, actions and situations. It also want to keep constant watch on factories dealing with hazardous chemicals by way of  regularly sampling and carrying out medical check-up of workers employed in such processes.


The department has the objective of preventing any major industrial disaster with help of disaster control plans already prepared for areas having more concentration of hazardous industries, also to promote the concept of mutual aid system which would be useful especially to small-scale industries.


"It is also the objective of the department to Act as a friend, philosopher and guide to one and all in creating safe working conditions"