Industrial Hygiene

Industrial Hygiene | Chhattisgarh Labour Department        Chhattisgarh is 26th new born state which is one of the very fast growing states of India. Chemical industrial growth the accompanying problems of environmental pollution, unsafe work place and unhealthy atmosphere in and around the chemical industries also draw an attention. The existence of such hazard has created a need for continuous monitoring of chemical and other industries like refineries power iron and allied industries. Pollution within and outside the factories is today's utmost urgency.

        Recent amendments (1987) to factories Act came into existence after Bhopal mishap and chhattisgarh factories rules 1962 have included many important new sections and rules related to occupational health like appointment of factory  medical officer, Occupational health centre, periodic medical check up of workers etc. It has also introduced the TLVs of 121 chemicals, which are more hazardous to the community and workers. The occupiers now a day should be more vigilant about his responsibilities.

        Keeping in mind the above situation the state Government has set up industrial Hygiene Laboratory in 2008 with the assistance of government of india. The following is the set up of Industrial Hygiene Laboratory




 Deputy Director (Hygiene)


Astt. Director (Hygiene)




Lab Assistants



1.      Monitoring of working environment by measuring the air samples containing different contaminants like gas, fumes vapor and dust. e.g.           


Sulphur, dioxide nitrogen oxide, Ammonia Chlorine.


Fumes and Vapor

Solvents like methanol, toluene, benzene parathion, malathion.etc.




Textile, pottery, Glass, Cement, Asbestos sheets, thermal power,


2.      Measurements of other physical factors.

a) Noise With sound level meter

Industries Covered. Textile - Spinning and weaving like Engineering, rolling mills, production of weighing machines. Chemicals: Industries using generators

b) Illumination: with Lux meter

- Applicable in all industries where visual activity is done.

c) Heat with Kata and Globe Thermometer

Rolling Mills Engineering Chemical.

d) Ventilation (with alnor voltmeter) Measures air velocity

All Industries

            After monitoring of working environment if the concentration of contaminants is found to be more than threshold limit values (TLV) control measures are suggested in the report send by the Industrial hygiene laboratory.

            Also industries directed to fill up the form for continuous monitoring of environment as per the Chhattisgarh rules. Hygiene team also trying to detect the source of emission and leakages of contaminants. The TLV are prescribed under section 41 F as second schedule for 121 contaminants (List of TLVs) A list of equipment available at industrial hygiene laboratory is enclosed.



Multi gas detector

To measure NO2, HCl.NH3,EO,CO,H2S,HCN, combustible gases in working environment.

Direct reading instrument for SO2

To measure SO2 gas in working environment.

Direct reading instrument for Cl2

To measure Cl2 gas in working environment.

Respirable dust sampler

To measure respirable silica dust in working environment

Total dust sampler

To measure the total/ambient/nuisance dust.

Noise Meter

To measure the noise level in working environment

Lux Meter

To measure the Illustration/ light in work environment.

Kata and globe thermometer

To measure Heat-Radiation (WBGT) in work environment.

Alnor velometer

To measure Air-Velocity.


To measure the Lung function capacity of worker

Titmus vision

To check the vision efficiency of worker. 

Personal sampling method by spectrophotometer

To measure the Gas, fumes and Vapour contaminates in work environment.


            Industrial Hygiene Laboratory manages and helps to mange any training, workshop of industrial health and Hygiene.

Name of Post


Dy- Director of Industrial Hygiene


Astt. Director




Lab Assistant



            We are now in position to serve the labour of factories with best medical facilities. With help of central Govt. we have provided "Swastha   Bima  Yajana"